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My 1 gallon beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop arrived today! I decided to go with 1 gallon batches instead of the normal 5-gallon because:

A) I like being able to experiment with smaller batches (9-10 beers vs. 48)

B) I don't like my roommates enough to want to share all my beer

I got the extra 1 gallon carboys from cider and gallon bottles of wine (for sangria!).


I'm also super excited about using this brand. I tweeted that I was using it for my first ever brew and their twitter acct actually tweeted back and offered to help if I got stuck or had any questions!


For that alone, they've got a customer for life.

As for the mead....

I'm going to be making one gallon batches of wildflower honey and another gallon of hibiscus mead made with clover honey.


I'm using the internet as my primary guide for the mead. I got all of my ingredients from my local home brew shop, Latin American grocery store (for the hibiscus flowers), and Whole Foods (for all the delicious honey).

Really hoping the hibiscus turns out as glorious red and deliciously tart as I'm imagining.


Anyone have any tips or tricks for mead or beer? Questions about processes? Want updates?


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