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Before I am forced to deal with eBay....

...I thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in buying some thangs. I cleaned out my closet. I will have to do this in multiple posts within the comments...

I have additional photos of most everything. Let's say $5 for shipping unless anything or any grouping of things is about $50, in which case no shipping.

** I will likely get distracted and add more through the day.... **


Ray Ban cockpits. They are a nice alternative to aviators if, like me, you have big old cheeks that make wearing aviators impossible. Or, you just want a more subtle look. They are black, they have a few tiny scratches but are otherwise in good shape. Asking $60.


J Crew Glenbrae suede boots in gray. These are from a few years ago. They are in really good shape, just the normal soft wear you'd expect from suede. I didn't wear them all that much. Size 8. Asking $100.


Fair Isle beret from French Connection. New with tags. Asking $30.


You'll recognize this Phllip Lim sweatshirt :-) New with tags, size small. Asking $20

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