Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Help me learn to knit GT! I’ve decided I need a productive but calming hobby, something I can do with my hands besides checking my phone while watching movies or while hanging out in a cafe. And knitting seems like this secret sisterhood, and I love pretty colors, so let’s try it out!

I’mofficially done with my first semester of grad school (YAY!!) so I’m gonna have some down time over the next couple weeks. What are your favorite knitting YouTubers? Where can I get slow, clear instructions from the very beginning? I have acquired the correct knitting needles and two balls of the correct type of yarn from my local yarn store (light colored, easy weight, not fuzzy, the yarn fits with the needles, etc). They offer classes but I’d like to try to learn a bit on my own before shelling out $$$.


they only had one ball in the color I liked, so maybe a small cowl scarf? That’s what they recommended for a first project. There are definitely options on YouTube but it’s overwhelming, so if you have favorites please let me know! Or favorite blogs or diagram tutorials. Anything really :).

Thanks GT!

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