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Beginning of semester woes

I've just found out that my Wednesday schedule is going to be problematic. I have a meeting that ends ten minutes before the class I teach begins. The person who runs the meeting says this happens to the people teaching at that time every semester, and it is fine to just leave five minutes early. The meeting and class are in different buildings a five to seven minute walk away from each other, and the class is five flights up in a building with a very slow elevator. When I got there today there was a long line of people waiting so I walked up.

This is all fine, except that 1) I need to get to the room ten minutes early, since I generally have a lot of tech stuff to set up and 2) when I'm 30+ weeks pregnant later in the semester I don't see how I can climb up the five stories quickly enough to not be late. Frankly, when I'm 30+ weeks pregnant I don't think I should have to climb up five stories, period, unless I want to.

There is one other person in the department teaching at the same time in a room that is easier to get to from the meeting, but I don't want to put her on the spot about switching in case she has a reason why it would be difficult for her as well. I guess I will need to tell my boss that I will need to leave the meeting earlier later in the semester. Or maybe try to cut the line waiting for the elevator once I am obviously very pregnant and hope people will take pity on me? Blerg.

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