So one of the great things about my job is I'm given the opportunity to put together a report that I know little to nothing about for my boss. I know little to nothing about this reports because the most explanation I've gotten about them comes in the form of "this is what we need now get it." I don't have access to certain things that would allow me easily compile this report and when I bring it up I met with...a blank stare is the best I can put it. I feel like whenever I go back to try and clarify something I'm just met with another blank stare. So when I asked if this information that I need could be forwarded to me I got an answer that was basically not answering my question and just adding more questions. Plus this report I'm supposed to be compiling seems redundant since a lot of the info would be coming from the report she would have to forward to me. I'm like the middle man of reports now. I just. I don't know. I can't tell if I am just too stupid to live or if my boss is just terrible at communicating (she is) but either way it's super frustrating. I feel like I can't email her back trying to further pry information out of her because I feel like it reflects poorly on me. But it shouldn't? Or it should? I don't know. Is it 5:30pm yet?