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Behaviour kid rides again

So for months, I have been reporting to the office whenever kids tell me that my behaviour kid has been leaving school property at lunch, and not coming back on time after recess, and no one has done a fricking thing about it.

Then today, he and another kid didn't come back after morning recess and the other kids are telling me that they are in the parking lot. I call the office, and inform them. A few minutes later, they call back, and ask if the boys are back. I tell them no. A few minutes later, I get called again. Again I tell them, "no". Come on people, if they were back, I would call you and say so.


One VP then turns up in my room asking if they are here. Really? I contact the office and tell them that the kids are NOT here, and the only thing you people seem to think to do is repeatedly check the one place you are told that they are not. Then the other VP makes an announcement asking all teachers to check out in the halls to see if they are in the halls. GAh! What part of "They did not come back inside." do you not understand?

So after each disruption, I am trying to calm my class back down. Then, the Spec Ed teacher comes to my door and asks if he is here. *sigh*


A little while later, I get a page that they have been found. Turns out that after the Spec Ed teacher left my room, she went down the hall, and looked out the window at the end of the hall, and saw them playing outside by the nearby apartment building. She called the office, and some non classroom teachers who had been sent outside to look rounded them up. Apparently even when confronted, behaviour kid resisted coming in.

Now all of a sudden they are treating it seriously. They took statements from all the teachers who were on yard duty. Great. Maybe if they hadn't let him get away with it repeatedly over the last 6 months, he wouldn't have done it today.


And as far as the other kid goes: He is ADHD. He came in weirdly overstimulated this morning. I'm talking announcing he was going to cut his hand off and the going to his desk and getting his scissors out. I ask him what is going on and he tells me Mommy didn't give him his meds. Which I kinda figured. It took me sending him to the office with a note, twice, and calling the office and telling him that he said he didn't have his meds, and then having them call me back to say they couldn't find the note, and why was he down there? Before they finally called his Mom. And then they sent him back to class immediately after he was given his meds, and right before recess so he could go outside while still exhibiting poor impulse control.


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