Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Behold, a glorious manifesto.

Just going to leave this here PUA/MRA Manifesto constructed by the lovely, lovely gentleman at Reddit's 'redpill'* subreddit. Read at your own peril. Giggle lots.

A PDF Manifesto.

The highlights are especially the sections where it explains the benefits of shedding morality and empathy in absolute seriousness, using phrases from what I thought a graduate thesis sounded like when I was in middle school.


* Red Pill, like in the movie the Matrix, when Neo is offered a Red Pill or a Blue Pill and if he takes a blue pill he will go back to sleep and remain ONE OF THE SHEEPLE, and if he takes the red pill he will OPEN HIS EYES, wake up and be aware of the truths all around us.

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