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So, we know we have Fuck It Friday and Unfuck Your Shit Saturday, or Suck It Saturday, whichever Saturday you feel like having. So I was thinking we need a third to round it out.

And then there was this today. Holy shit! Sunday is the day when we're finally over everyone's shit. Sunday is the day we just want everyone to shut the fuck up.


So I give you, Shut The Fuck Up Sunday. I wish all the people in another post from another thing who keep not reading my comment and trying to argue with me about a point I didn't even make would shut the fuck up. Shut up, already. Seriously. You're fucking tiring and I'm not going to explain the same fucking thing 30 times. At some point, when a thread has 60 comments, you need to stahp, and make sure that your point isn't something that has already been brought up and answered. But I guess actually reading the fucking comments you claim to be so fucking angry about, is just waaaaaay too much to ask!

So seriously. It's Sunday. I am moments away from a brand new episode of Breaking Bad. I have a brand new bottle of Pinot Greeg. So do yourself a favor, anonymous burner commenters. SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's Sunday. I want to get chilled and prepare for the fact that work is a mere handful of hours away and I can't sleep in until noon. Boo.

So, who are dedicating Shut The Fuck Up Sunday too?

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