Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Behold a pale horse (and thank for posting privs)

From the title, I think I was going to do a Corona (My Corona) thing but I really have nothing to add. I waited so long to get posting privs again (like more than 5 years I think) - I joined GT right after they split off from Jez and started posting shortly thereafter.

I was sure I could post the most interesting stuff but GT isn’t like the old days (Grumpy Old Man warning) - I remember that it used to take me hours to get through a day of posts and I used to post almost daily myself. Sigh!


My hobby is making glass puddles, when the puddles are constrained by a mold - I get an object. The object can be a cat, a skull, all sorts of things - lately, I have been doing pot melts; this is when you put a bunch of different colored glass into a pot and heat it up. The glass flows out of the hole in the bottom in very interesting mixes. My current style is to use colored glass rods; another method would be to just put scraps in. So far the objects I like the most are my mistakes “unclear on the concept” kind of mistakes where the pot get included in the project b/c it broke or the supports.

This is a test.

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