Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

When one is anticipating an overnight hospital stay, one requires slippers. I looked in my closet today, and I have two pair, both are faux fur, platform style. Those are great for camping, Burning Man, and things like that. Not so much when you're going to be wobbly from surgery.

So, I made a quick run to Ross. I have big feet, so my options were pretty limited. My choices were either Michael Kors, light pink faux fur (I'm not a light pink sort of girl), or Fuzzy Nation with pugs. Like that's even a choice. Pugs it is. They're super cute & super comfy. And I deserve a couple treats since I don't get food tomorrow*, and will get all cut up the following day. Also, only $10.00. That's nearly stealing.

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*I have to do clear liquids only tomorrow, and nothing after midnight. And I'm such a ball of nerves today that I've hardly been able to eat. My surgery was previously scheduled for 7:30, and has been bumped to 10:30. And I breastfeed. How am I supposed to not drink water for ten and a half hours? Stupid anxiety. =|

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