Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I told my mom about all of the infertility shit last night. I was so afraid to tell her, so afraid of what she would say. But I needed my mommy to give me a hug more than I was afraid so I drove down to her house (sobbing the whole way because coward) and she could tell I was upset when I walked in, so I told her I just needed her to give me a hug and listen and please not judge me or second guess me, and then give me more hugs. And I told her everything.

And I really wish I had told her like two years ago. Because she was awesome. Which shouldn't surprise me, because she's basically the best, but it did because she's also super Catholic, and that informs a lot of her opinions. She kept hugging me, and telling me she loves me and she's here, and she'll help us figure it out, and that she feels bad that I was going through this without her because that's what moms are for. Then she gave me chocolate ice cream. And a million more hugs. When you're sad, there's seriously nothing like a mom-hug. She's never allowed to die because her hugs can fix everything for me.


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