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Being a Man who Cries,

So, I have something of a minor problem. It's not like a "you drink to much" problem or a "please, just put the garden gnome down and let the child go" problem, but nevertheless, something that does tend to inconvenience me more than I would like.

I cry. Often.

Not like an emotional breakdown, or a tantrum, or extreme sadness. More like a remarkable overabundance of sentimentality.


On a given day, I probably cry two or three times, usually brought on by my iPod, but also by my television or...thoughts in general. Certain songs, or certain scenes in movies, or certain adverts on TV just set me off, and before I know it I can feel the tears welling up and I have to distract myself of change the channel to stop myself from sobbing.

Most sad songs, I'm fine with. It's more like happy songs that do it for me, such as "Is This Love" by Bob Marley and the Wailers, or "If It's Love" by Train, or "Somebody to Love" by Queen. There may be a pattern, but I don't see it yet, although I generally can skip past the ones I know for sure are going to bring the tears on.

A Vauxhall ad on TV, the last 20 minutes of Deep Impact, almost every Pixar movie, episodes of "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman". Any number of things set off my sentimental lobe, and when you're watching Science Channel with your SO's family and your eyes are watering it can kind of tough to explain.

As I mentioned, even thinking too much about certain things can make me cry - my future wedding, being a father one day, seeing Paris for the first time next month - it doesn't matter if it is one week from today or a completely indeterminable prospect, my heart yanks and butterflies stir in my stomach, and I know I have to abandon the thought-train to cry-ville at the next station before it's too late.


I'm comfortable being a man who isn't afraid to show some emotion, but I know there is a time and a place to be bawling your eyes out, and a Northern Line tube from Euston to Waterloo probably isn't it. I think it is both funny and sad that so many men suppress their emotions because it isn't considered "masculine", because growing up we are often told to "be who you are" - unless, of course, who you are isn't conventional enough.

I embrace my ability to feel, my sensitivity, because it is part of who I am - if I were an actor I would be an ace at crying on cue. Nevertheless it can cause me some inconvenience. Any GTers out there have the same problem? Anyone else seem to have the sentimentality of twelve regular humans? Anyone know how to listen to nice, happy songs without going through a family size box of tissues?


[Image Credit to Teagle]

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