I didn't wind up going to get that pedicure the other day, because DudeJeans came home after a week away super early, so YAYYY! But now that he is returned and at work and I have a small amount of unstructured time (ahead of a BLAST of work to do between now and Wednesday night), I am going to go do that now while I can. I have a feeling it will be a nice thing to remember while I'm locked in my office tomorrow and Wednesday night.

I am also going to schedule a haircut for next week, a doctor's appointment in the next 1-2 weeks, AND maybe make my payday "small fun treat thing" next month a massage. (There is a badass massage therapist who only charges $35/hr around here, otherwise, this is not something I could afford.) ADULT LADYING. Am I doing it right?

At this rate, I'll even make it to the dentist before Christmas!