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Being an introvert AND an extrovert

I think I am the Prius equivalent of a human: I can get energy from being around other people, but I need that initial combustion that gets the ball rolling to come from some time alone... is anyone else like this?

And I have had several days that completely, and I mean completely, drained my Prius tank. (Okay, I'm abandoning this metaphor.)

So, about a month ago I posted on here that I had an in for a job opportunity at the school I worked at last year. I pretty much knew I was going to be shortlisted for an interview, and I was. The only catch was, even though I told them I was on vacation until August 13, and if they wanted to interview me before then, if they could just give me some advance notice... so of course they contact me on the 9th to find out if I can come in on the 12th. No, seriously, the 12th at 9 am is the only time they can see me. Okay, no big. I do some last minute flight re-booking and manage to get the last plane back on the 11th. It's supposed to get back in at midnight, so I figure, catch a cab from the airport, bed by 1, totally do-able.


I am so anxiety-ridden about flying. Not the airplane crashing and dying, but I have a deep and mortal anxiety that things. will. go. wrong. with connections, with luggage, etc etc. And then, since I'm dealing with a massive, faceless, heartless corporation, it will be hard or impossible to fix. Of course, going into my day of travel, I am a nervous wreck because of a)travel and b)career-trajectory impacting interview.

So what happens? Of course you know what happens. The last flight of the day is delayed. and delayed. And delayed some more. When I presented my boarding pass to go back through security after my layover, the guy scanned it, told me my flight had been delayed, and I very nearly started crying because of all this pent up anxiety/terror.

I didn't get home until after 2 am. I had the interview at 9. I think it went... okay? I'm not sure. Usually I can tell these things, I leave with a pretty accurate impression of how things felt from both sides. This time, I just felt like I wanted a nap.

And I had to go straight from my interview to meet my dearest friend in the world, who had come to town to visit me, from where she lives in Europe, and we had plans for this for ages before the interview. I actually had to get her to juggle her plans a bit to work around the interview. But her and her new husband (whom I'd never met) stayed with me last night, and we talked and laughed and all that late into the night.


And, now that they've left, I do not remember the last time I felt this exhausted. Like, I literally feel like I am recovering from an illness. My body is weak, and shaky. I have taken myself on a slow and careful walk for groceries, and have spent the day moving from different seats around the house... I feel like an invalid.

And now, the next stage begins. The waiting. Again. At least they said they'll have a decision by the end of the week. (Which, let's bloody hope, because school starts 2 weeks after that...)


So, to sum up:

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