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Being called a bigot/mean/cold/rude for booting Trumpy conservatives out of your life. A RANT.

Note: this is a total rant. There’s not going to be a lot of super reasoned thought here. I know there’s more nuance to this fight than I’m going to portray here, but for now I am a pissed off liberal in a red state treated like I’ve got the plague, and I need to yell about it.

So I know we have discussed this kind of thing before. I had typed out a long post but decided it was too doxxy and personal, so here’s the gist:

I’m in Texas. A lot of my acquaintances, and certainly a lot of my friends’ parents, are conservative. My family, outside of my mom who bleeds blue like no one else, is conservative. I know people who work in education and mental health, for christ sakes, for voted for Trump.


I am done feeling bad about cutting people out of my life who passively support the current garbage fire administration, both at the state and the national level. I have tried the “talk it out” route. I don’t want to talk it out anymore with someone who thinks LGBT people are mentally unwell aberrations and who think the world is 6000 years old and that a child rapist is somehow morally better than a Democrat, because in my mind that’s basically saying it’s okay to deny children their medical care and basic life needs and for them to get sexually abused, than to let a woman have control over her body.

I’m tired of being pressured to calm down about politics and not say “inflammatory” things or ruffle feathers, because the things I’m called out for saying that are “inflammatory” are things like “everyone should have medical care and the rich need to pay their fair share and police brutality needs to stop” while the president they support has called women pigs and whores and dogs and erased Jewish people from talk of the Holocaust, and openly hates anyone dark skinned. I’m sick of false equivalence bullshit and being called a pot stirrer because I demand more self-reflection from people that are going to occupy a close position in my life. If you can’t look deep down into your soul and start to question why you think the way you do, I don’t want to be friends with you. I’ll treat you like a human being and be civil, but I don’t want to spend time or emotional resources on you. I have tried, and I am exhausted.

The more this shit goes on, the more I believe that people who think this way either need to die out, or be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. I’m done placating, I’m done hearing both sides. There’s common sense, and then there’s cowardice and cruelty. Period. Hard line in the sand, at least in terms of who I want to be around.

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