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How does that work, exactly? I want to do it but I am terrified as fuck.

The guy who runs this: http://secularsafehouse.org/coming-out-con…

Invited my mother and me to share our story of coming out of an oppressive religious organization. The invite came because I joined the Ex-Johovah's Witness Support Group on Facebook that my mom joined a few weeks ago. She made a heartfelt post introducing me as her daughter and welcoming me to the group.


She talked about how I left before she did and she feels so happy that we can have a relationship now, woman to woman, without any interference from the cult, telling her she shouldn't even speak with me because I'm an apostate.

The response was so positive I was overwhelmed completely. Everyone welcomed me and some said they were crying because they want to talk to their moms again, too, and they hope their moms leave the organization so their hopes become reality.

So apparently our "reunion story" is quite touching and that guy wants to interview us. My initial reaction, of course, was utter TERROR. But my mom was like, Yeah! Let's do it!

I'm scared because I don't know what it would be like, or what he would ask me, or how I'd react. (Like if I started crying and couldn't stop, or something. MORTIFYING.)


And even though I left the JW cult almost eight years ago, I've still never talked about the impact it has had on my life, or all the things I've lost, or nightmares I still have because of it. Mostly because no one would understand. So I'm worried about sounding stupid, too, because I haven't been able to process many of the emotions I have on the subject.

So, easy part first: how does a podcast interview even work?

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