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Welcome To The Bitchery

The gal across the hall at the office is 2 years older than me. She's been married since age 23-4 and just had her third child. Because we're a small office, she knew I was going out with someone and I was obligated to mention to her that wasn't happening anymore.


"Well, I felt alone. He didn't make me a priority."


"Um, I really like to feel loved/special/not alone in a relationship."

"Well maybe he just keeps to himself. Some men just aren't thoughtful."

"I picked out all my own birthday gifts. I've had boyfriends who picked out gifts for me themselves and that was nice."


"My husband doesn't pick out my gifts or anything. Sometimes he cleans my car but that's it. You just have to let people be themselves. He's a nice guy and if he wasn't being cruel to you you had no reason to break it off."

There is pretty much nothing more offensive than a person who is basically your age telling you your judgment is terrible. I sort of tried to defend myself and then dropped it. What the hell is the point?


So I'll tell you guys instead: Look, lady, I will not settle. I will not be in a serious relationship with someone who is not thoughtful, supportive, and loving. Your boring shitty marriage is not my problem.

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