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Being Naked on the Internet

Oh dear sweet baby jesus.

I made the very, very, very, stupid decision a few years ago to let a partner take naked photos of me. We had been together since my sophomore year of high school, and I guess I trusted him enough/was naive/young enough to do it. This relationship had a whole host of other problems, but I guess should've really started running for the hills when my naked photos appeared on 4chan and numerous other websites.


Anyway, why this is suddenly important almost 4 years later is that they're still circulating the internet. I thought with all the new free porn on the internet all the time that my photos would not longer be of interest. But here I am 4 years later coming across them on TUMBLR of all places.

I'm not ashamed of my nakedness on the internet, but I am a little upset that I have no control over who sees it. I could ask websites to take them down, but it doesn't matter because I don't even know how many people have them saved in their virtual spank banks. They could just pop up on a new website. I am in an infinite loop of internet nakedness. They're also extremely easy to find if you know what you're looking for because 4chan was nice enough to give me a nickname.

So I guess this a PSA (if you're not already smarter than me) to not let your douchecanoe boyfriend take naked pictures of you, because they will be on the internet and random people will debate about the merits of big nipples below your pictures and you will be stuck in an infinite loop of internet nakedness and you'll be in all the ex-girlfriend threads and you'll never be sure if people are just imagining what you look like under your dress or if they actually know.

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