“Allow me to suggest a revolutionary action: Let’s try to be okay with our bodies. I am not saying that you have to love your body. I can’t help but notice that this goal is frequently pushed on women, but never men, and if men don’t need to love their bodies, it seems to me that women can get by without it, too. For a long time I bought into all the talk about learning to love your body, but I’ve come to think it’s a someone misguided goal. Not because it’s impossible (though it’s difficult for most), but because it’s unnecessary.

Perhaps loving your body is something to strive for, but all we really need to do is respect our bodies, appreciate them, and be generally okay with them.”

from Dr. Traci Mann’s Secrets from the Eating Lab, pages 166-167.

I really enjoyed this book, as she is a psychologist looking at behaviors around/including eating. She also talks a lot positively about how it’s more important to take care of yourself and be active than be certain size, etc. It was really interesting in the sense that there was no intent on doing things like saying “omg your snacks should always be 100 calories!” but rather looking at our perceptions and behaviors around food and eating. As well as all the mental and emotional duress we put ourselves through regarding self-image and bodies.


Her main point, at the end, was don’t fight a losing battle with yourself. Take care of yourself, eat well, and don’t spend your entire life trying to get to a goal weight or maintain that weight because then you aren’t getting to live your life.

Overall book rating: 4.5 lentils out of 5.