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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Being picked last: BOOOOOOO

My sister is 12. She's pretty much an introvert, enjoys playing video games, spends most of her time online in different fandom communities, and is a bit socially awkward although she gets along with people well because she's pretty laidback. She's an awesome person but is very self-conscious and has low self-confidence. Anyway, my mom signed her up for a teen camp with her best friend (who is nerdy like her but much more outgoing and confident). My sister has been worrying about this camp forever because she gets nervous interacting with people (I am/was like that too). Today was her first day, and she survived (woohoo!). Except for one thing: she came home and cried about how she was picked last for a game. I felt so, so, so bad. My mom and I tried our best to comfort her by telling her that it wasn't a reflection of her and that in the long run, it didn't matter and that what other random strangers think of you isn't important, etc. But goddamnit, it sucks when things like this happen :( And I don't know what else to say to make her feel better. Sigh. Middle school years are just honestly awful, aren't they?


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