I don't normally venture to Jezebel, but yesterday I was bored at work and came across this article about being polite. The first comment was curious to me because this person seems to think that one cannot be polite and get shit done. That's utter nonsense.

I don't think being polite is weak, nor do I think people who are polite can't get shit done. I come from a family full of women who get shit done but are polite about it. I get that women are annoyed with being told to just shut up and be nice, but going full tilt in the other direction isn't productive.

I always get uncomfortable when people bring up that Nicki Minaj rant as though she's making a good point. She's arguing that it's ok to be an asshole in order to get "respect". Lil Wayne isn't being a "boss" when he rolls up into a space and tells people not to talk to him, he's being a dick. And you're aspiring a horrible person as well if you want to follow his example.

Someone down in the comments made a point about that and I was so pleased because normally people get all "Yeah, she should be able to be a dick too!" about it and I'm like, "Wait…so we're encouraging asshole behavior at work now?" She should have been ranting about how people treat him like a boss when he's really being objectively horrible.


I get being sick of being told to be polite or quiet or whatever, but being polite doesn't mean you can't also be direct or get shit done at the same time. It just means not being a jerk about it. I don't think women should be angling to get more respect in the office by being assholes. I think we should be angling to bring more polite behavior into workplaces.