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Eleven months out of the year, I love working off-site. My main office is in Altanta and I live in DC, so working out of my basement is a given. Any other time of year, it's awesome. My commute is walking down the stairs. If a kid is sick, no one forces me to take a sick day (unlike my old job). I get to have my dog at my side as code. I wear fleece-lined leggings all day. It's awesome!

But during the holidays? It's kind of a bummer. My work has holiday parties and luncheons all month long. People bring in cookies. Several times, I've caught myself wondering where the heck everyone is, only to find out that they're at a company shindig. They're currently organizing a big bowling party, complete with booze and expensed taxis, and I'm thinking, well, I guess I'll just keep coding or something.


I know, I know. I'm so incredibly lucky to have a job I can do from home and get well compensated for. I'm just feeling a bit left out, and want to have a pout.

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