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Welcome To The Bitchery

Being sick and feeling guilty about it

I have a cold. Worse than a cold, because I am prone to sinus infections. I was told many moons ago that I should get a surgery, but I have a terrible history with doctors and continue to avoid going to them at all costs. Last time I had a sinus infection was in October, and it took me six weeks to get my ass to a minute clinic for antibiotics. I don't even have a doctor in my current city because last time I went to one, I had to wait two hours past my appointment time to see somebody who just asked me what antibiotic I usually get. And that is one of my better doctor experiences.

Anyway, I digress. I feel pretty shitty right now, after being crazy high on cold medicine the past two days and being uber-productive at work as a result. Urgent! Urgent! Everything was urgent! Now I have come down, come home, and I am feeling like a worthless fuck. I should be cleaning my room, or clipping my toenails, but I don't want to do anything. I can barely breathe but I don't want that hopped up on meds feeling either.


So I'm just got to sit here and fuck around on GT, and watch tv. That's ok, right? I'm a grown ass lady and I'll do what I want.... so why do I feel so bad about it??

happy cute hugging gifs welcome.

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