Really, i love it. It's so good to spend the entire day weak and hot and cold and vomiting and BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH! On top of that missing the date night i had planned as well as missing the draft for the GT fantasy baseball league that i setup....blah. Well i feel better now thankfully. But yeah, not a fun day. I actually thought i could make it through the day at work. I didn't feel that bad. I was kind of tired but with my sleep apnea i'm tired sometimes during the day since i don't usually get good sleep. But once you.....release your innermost a trash can you may as well throw away your dignity as well as the reset of it and call it a day. Having to bring the bag down to the dumpster was especcially fun but i guess it makes sense since that shit's gonna make someone else sick as well. Oh well, i feel better now which is what counts, but i'm sure not trying to eat anything for a while since it was a piece of a granola bar that caused such a massive reaction.