Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Being sick is THE WORST

I have a cold, which should be illegal in the summer. Plus, I think it has already progressed to a sinus infection or an ear infection or something because my left ear won't stop hurting. And my left eyeball every now and then feels like things behind it want to push it out of my skull. And despite the Neti pot of DEATH I unleashed yesterday on my head, I feel worse today. And I can't figure out how to post gifs because I keep downloading them to my computer but they just end up being a series of picures when I do that. So please insert a cute gif of Captian Hook with his feet in a tub and a hot water bottle on his head sneezing *here*. And there is no way I can call in sick to work tomorrow because responsibility, or something. IT'S THE FIRST SUNNY DAY IN A WEEK AND I CAN'T GO TO THE POOL BECAUSE I'M BUSY DYING ON THE COUCH. Bah. Thank you for coming to my pity party. I will now force my 5 year old to take a post lunch nap so I can go pass out in my bed. I am not a smiley patient today.


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