Just all of this.


I’d refer to specific quotes, but the whole thing summed up my own experience of being single.

And the thing about being touched! So true.

I’ve recently been on a few promising dates with a lovely guy, and holy crap, when he kissed me goodnight on the last date and put his hands on my waist I thought I would jump out of my skin. Had the kissing gone on for even a few more minutes, I think I would have tried to have sex with him in the park (which, for all involved, would have been extremely awkward). But thats how hungry I was to be touched in a loving/tender way. It’s been a year and a half since I last dated someone, and that was a fling that was 6 weeks long because he was leaving to go to grad school overseas. And before that fling, it had been years... so the kissing/sex etc had a different vibe to it. There was no affectionate touching for over 5 years, and OMG, how I was craving it.

And meeting this guy was just a nice validation that good people are single for a variety of reasons. There is nothing broken about either of us. But its hard to meet people, even harder to make a romantic connection. My theory about why this guy isn’t taken is that he’s short (like, really short, I’m noticeably taller than him and I’m 5"4', so he’s around 5"1' maybe?).FFS, he’s a chef with Sommelier training, peaced out of working in restaurants because it’s crazy hours with shitty pay and now works as a cook in a hospital (unionized with decent hours i.e. has a good and stable job). So he’s bringing me to amazing restaurants or making ridiculously good food. He’s planted a vineyard at his parents house, along with building a maple syrup operation for them. And he’s charming and delightful, and (I think) super cute. There is zero “wrong” with him. And there is zero “wrong” with me. We’ve just ended up single in our early thirties for no good reason other than that’s the way things have turned out. Coupled people are no more mentally healthy or together, in general, than either of us simply for being coupled.

Is it obvious that I seriously would like things to work out with this guy? :-P