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Anyone who knew me in grade school would be hard pressed to call me organized. My backpack was always a mess. My homework was always crumpled (and often late). I was constantly surprised by tests and quizzes.

I had at least a little bit of skill, though. I could organize a paper or project without any help. I still muddled through well enough to get good grades. When I became a developer, though, I realized that I was now their one-eyed king, because these people couldn't organize for shit. Now that I'm a parent, I've realized that I'm now master of two domains.


Yesterday, I took my son to a class where they use Python to build things in Minecraft. It was three hours long. I think we got, maybe, 45 minutes of actual instruction. And that's if I'm being very, very kind.

My original plan was to sit my son down and work on my own stuff while he hacked away. It became apparent, though, that this wasn't going to work. We'd been told, very specifically, to have our set-up working before we showed up. I was the only parent who had done this. For some, it wasn't their fault. There was a bug in the code the guy had put up, so there was no way it was going to work on their rig. But there were people there who didn't even have Minecraft installed! "Oh, I thought you'd have copies..." No! It's not a free game! The instructions told you go buy it!

Oh, and speaking of the instructions, the class was also for kids eleven and up. Don't think I didn't notice that all three of your children appear to be eight and younger.

The two guys running it couldn't help the other parents, because one was trying to figure out our power situation, and the other was trying to debug his code. So I ran around, getting people up and running as best I could on shitty library wifi. I grabbed some flash drives from my backpack and started passing around the files we needed. You would have thought I was pulling rabbits out of my backpack. "OMG! There are ways OTHER than the Internet for getting stuff?!"


At the end of the class, we were trying to clean up, and the kids were still farting around on their laptops. We needed the tables broken down, so I had to start breaking out the mom voice and ordering kids to pack up NOW and get the chairs back in order. The guys looked amazed that, yes, you can actually get kids to do stuff if you speak sternly enough.

Afterwards, we talked about me doing a class, and possibly running a kids' tech conference. I let them know that, if I'm involved, shit's getting done my way. They didn't look insulted. They looked gleeful. Someone was here to get stuff done!



I hate being the organized one.

Bonus story: One dude handed me his laptop so I could get everything set up. Firefox was still open. In the search box? "Beautiful naked women" Dude, if you're going to look for porn, please don't do it on your work computer, don't hand it off to your young son mid-search, and FFS, learn to use private mode.

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