Yesterday, after work, I went to a local watering hole. I began a conversation with a friendly stranger. Eventually, we began to discuss feminism. AS ONE DOES.

The concept of privilege soon came up. I stated that I was privileged.

"But you gave up some of that privilege, because you're heavily tattooed," the friendly stranger uttered.

I was floored, as she was a woman of color.

I believe that her statement was highly inaccurate.

Privilege and oppression are systematic, and are wildly different than being mildly prejudiced against.

Have I lost some advantages since being tattooed? Absolutely. I've written about that here before, but some examples include:
-Having a customer tell me that I should "join the circus."
-Having random people grab me without my consent.
-Being reprimanded at work to cover them- even though they were only showing when I was sitting, and I was wearing thick black tights, and no tattoo policy was in the dress code.
-Not having the same job opportunities as a non-tattooed or mildly-tattooed person.

THAT BEING SAID. I have NEVER, EVER faced the oppression that POC face because of White Privilege each and every day. Which is why I thought the comment was erroneous.

Also, I CHOSE to alter my body. That was my doing. Which is important to note.

I'd love to know what other feminists think about this issue!