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Being without the internet sucks

I just moved into a new place. I was not emotionally equipped to move and have been feeling incredibly stressed out from the drive and from moving into a place that belongs to a family friend and still has all their stuff in it so there is literally no room for me to put anything and wasn't properly cleaned (there are cobwebs in the kitchen). I'm also at least an hour away from where all my friends live and don't want to ask people to come over because the place is such a mess and there's no food.


I thought I'd download some movies from iTunes so I'd at least have that to keep me company but it's taking flippin' forever with the internet at the public library (there's been 35 minutes left on my download for the past hour.) And I can't rent movies from the library because my computer is set to the wrong region and I can't switch it any more times. Nor can I afford to go out to a movie.


This all probably sounds trivial but it's really lonely, and I think I might have to give up on trying to download this movie and go back to my place and drink wine and cry on the couch.

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