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Welcome To The Bitchery

Belated Reaction to Rogue One Trailer (actually a post about people loving someone or thing you've always loved)

If Diego Luna becomes the next “internet’s boyfriend” I am going to BURN IT DOWN. This was bad enough when it happened with Oscar Isaac, who I have only loved since Drive. Diego Luna has been my boy since Y Tu Mama Tambien. I have sung the praises of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and continued to find him attractive even in his Milk wig. I sat through Elysium. I watched the Amazon pilot of Casanova he was in - twice! And reviewed it positively and wrote a very long comment about why they should fund a whole season of it. I tell everyone to watch Rudo y Cursi and Abel. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the video for that stupid Katy Perry song or listened to Te amo y mas from The Book of Life. I saw Mister Lonely IN THE THEATER (ok that’s not actually so strange for me, I’m a film nerd). I have put the time in and I will be deeply vexed if everyone all of a sudden is on that bandwagon.


Which is of course ridiculous. In actuality my life would only be improved if Diego becomes more popular. Then he’d be in more things, and maybe be given even more opportunities to direct. But I will also be mad, I just will be.

So please, share your stories of things you loved and felt aggrieved when they became more popular. We’re all hipsters about something. What’s yours?

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