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Belated Thanksgiving with the Annoying Inlaws

We had a family get together at Mr. Ivriniel’s sister’s house. Mr. I had to get his IV antibiotics (he is doing much better, and winds up this course of antibiotics on Monday.) in the mid afternoon, so we were the last ones to arrive. Apparently the Annoying Inlaws unexpectedly turned up around 1 pm, but on the upside, they came bearing pizza.

Then they apparently lazed on the couch and let other people take care of their 3 and a 1/2 year old.

We got there shortly before dinner. When ASiL tried to get Niece to come for dinner, she refused, which resulted in ABiL quickly carrying her outside. As they went out Niece loudly started screaming “Sorry, sorry, Daddy, sorry!” In this panicked voice. My MiL positioned herself beside the door and says that nothing happened out there but talking, but it was rather disturbing. Apparently she had a similar episode before we got there, only what set off the screaming apology was that she bothered the cat and he gave her a slight scratch...This seems rather strange.


Even after they came back in, and Niece picked out what she wanted to eat, Niece didn’t want to sit at the dinner table, and pretty soon the Annoying In Laws were both restraining her in her chair. Eventually she stopped fighting and started eating.

Over dinner, they started talking about going to Supperworks. Supperworks is this place you go where they have all the ingredients prepped and you can assemble meals for a fee. Back when they first got married, the Annoying in Laws were forever trying to get the rest of us to go there so they could get a referral reward. Eventually they stopped going, deeming it too expensive. Apparently they are back doing it, which makes no sense to me, given that ASiL is now a stay at home Mom.

Anyways, on their most recent trip to Supperworks, Niece flat out refused to help her mother make anything, and instead helped a stranger make macaroni and cheese. Mmmmmm, nothing like having a strange pre schooler touch your food.

So after dinner was presents time. ASiL, our MiL, the oldest niece, and I have October birthdays, while OBiL’s birthday is in Nov. The Annoying In Laws also brought a gift for Mr. I stating they hadn’t seem him since before his birthday, which is incorrect. Whatever. Both OBiL and Mr. I got these canvases with a Guardians of the Galaxy picture on it, which OSiL says she saw at the Dollar Store. On the upside they also gave Mr. I a blu Ray of Star Cruiser Yamato, so it wasn’t a total wash this year. OSiL was also given a microwave cookbook published in the heyday of microwave cookbooks, 1987.


When my gift bag from the Annoying Inlaws was put in from of me, an odour like pencil shavings with a touch of mould began to emanate from it, making my eyes itch. I opened it to discover a homemade sachet, the source of the smell, along with various random bath products, a ceramic bowl, and a ziplock baggy with a homemade Earl Grey tea substitute in it. The tea thing was kinda thoughtful, since I recently became allergic to citrus, and by extension oil of bergamot, which flavours Earl Grey, only their bergamot substitute, bee balm, (aka wild bergamot) to me anyways, tastes nothing like oil of bergamot, and when they first suggested months ago, I told them that very thing.

Anyways, after dessert, the Annoying Inlaws left, to much kicking and screaming from Niece who didn’t want to go. ABiL complained about how hard it is to out her in a car seat, and expressed that he hoped she would grow big enough for a booster seat soon, because his “back can’t take much more of this”. Um, he’s an RPN, if he can’t handle lifting an unruly 36 pound child, how is he going to lift adult patients? Worrisome.


After they left, I checked out the sachet. It was passed around and everyone agreed it smelt of pencil shavings. It was inside a folded and pinned hankerchief, so I opened it to find some unknown herb mixed in with bits of foam. I couldn’t smell anything on the herb, so I sniffed the foam bits and they stank if mould. Then I realized it had permeated the bag, and everything reeked of it, so most stuff just went in the garbage.

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