I've seen a lot of criticism about the classism in Lean In, to the point that I've even gotten defensive on Sheryl Sandberg's behalf because while I (thought I) got the gist, I was still thinking that she's writing to a particular audience of women and we're placing too much importance on the standard operating procedure of CEO writes a book. This spells out all the harm in no uncertain terms.


Courtesy of LaurensJam, the tl;dr of the piece:

Sandberg’s definition of feminism begins and ends with the notion that it’s all about gender equality within the existing social system. From this perspective, the structures of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy need not be challenged. And she makes it seem that privileged white men will eagerly choose to extend the benefits of corporate capitalism to white women who have the courage to ‘lean in.’ It almost seems as if Sandberg sees women’s lack of perseverance as more the problem than systemic inequality. Sandberg effectively uses her race and class power and privilege to promote a narrow definition of feminism that obscures and undermines visionary feminist concerns.