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Hey, guys, I promised to upload some pictures from our trip, so here they are! We took literally hundreds of pictures and, unfortunately, it seems that we’ve lost some somewhere between the tablet at the cloud (Homey’s still trying to recover them, so fingers crossed!). I’m posting just a few from each city cuz I don’t want to totally bore everyone. :)

So, we started in Venice:

Oh, yeah, just some gondoliers going into work. No big. :)
Sorry this one’s blurry but we got to experience a Venezian traffic jam on our way in from the airport and I got a real kick out of it.
St. Mark’s Basilica—this picture does not do the actual sights any justice.

Then, we moved on to Florence:

You might recognize this guy. :)
I was obsessed with the detail on the toes.
A very, very professional photo of the Duomo’s ceiling. ;)
A view from the top of the Duomo.
A view of the Ponte Vecchio from a cute little wine bar, after visiting the Uffizi.

In Rome, we did all the touristy stuff, except the Vatican:

Inside the Colosseum...
And outside.
Trevi fountain at night—so beautiful!!

And finally, Naples, from which we visited Pompeii:

The statue of Dante in Piazza Dante, Naples.
In Pompeii, we got to visit a brothel, where the menu was visual to account for linguistic differences. :D
A view of Mt. Vesuvius from Pompeii. That’s the back of my head in the foreground. :)


They are in the process of removing Igor Mitoraj’s sculptures from Pompeii but there were still a couple up when we visited.
Finally, a hazy (but pretty, I think) photo of Naples, taken from a hike up Mt. Vesuvius.

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