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Any songs that people love but you dislike. Not hate but more of the “it’s a good song but I dislike it”

Two songs

Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold. I know people love it but all I hear is an entitled boy who can not deal with no longer being an only child then projects his feelings to his nephew assuming his nephew will feel the same way. Yet people love it.

Also you ALL know his mother. She was a true musical legend that you never saw on screen but heard her voice many times. She was the voice for Natalie Wood in West Side Story, Deberah Kerr in King and I, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. She was the singer Marni Nixon who sang for them. The ultimate ghost voice.


This second song. I am really truly ashamed that I dislike. I appreciate the symbolism and lyrics. I know some people have cried listening to it. I get its on many levels a good song I just dislike it. To me its manipulative in the emotions. I want to like it but I don’t and am ashamed of it. The song if you are wondering is Four Green Fields by Tommy Makem.

The song is almost all symbols. The “old woman” is analagous to the Goddess of Ireland but not quite. The four green fields are the four sections of Ireland. The invaders are the British. The sons are not literal sons but Irish men. So when Tommy Makem sings “had five sons” do not take it literally but as symbolic for all the men of Ireland. Although many women did fight too. The song closes with how its generational “their sons” fighting. It comes across as a perpetual war where there can be no quarter or negotiation.

I truly wish I liked it. There was so much put into the lyrics and emotions it stirs. I know people cry listening to it. My mother’s friend has when they went to see Makem in the 70s. Her friend has gone many times to see him when he was alive and performing and often commented abput people in tears. I just dislike it..I find it manipulative and ending rubs me the wrong way.

Any beloved songs you dislike and feel shame for it. I assume everyone knows both songs. If not enjoy,.cry or join me in disliking them, but not hating.

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