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Welcome To The Bitchery

His comment is bat shit crazy yet that thinking seems something I heard before said in a slightly different way. A few years ago I believe at a CPAC meeting a tea bagger referred to slaves as having “free room and board” and another who said African Americans were better off when they were slaves. All bat shit racist garbage.

Yet that thinking which is so ignorant and yet I recall as a child learning about slavery how slaves were taken by force, beaten, whipped, sold on auction blocks, hung if they tried to escape. All for the basis of skin color. This was in grade school. Ok in New England but I can bet Carson and these others learnt this also in grade school.


So what happened? How did they twist what they learnt into something utterly grotesque. I want to dismiss Carson as bat shit crazy yet I hesitate because I wonder if this is not part of an idealogy of the republican right that’s being embraced and if Carson has embraced it. The idealogy is grotesque but dismissing it as bat shit crazy which it is but it could lead to ignoring the danger.

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