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Benedict Cumberbatch is an incompetent airline pilot

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Did you guys know that Benedict Cumberbatch plays the inept, and endearing Captain Martin Crieff in a radio comedy about a small charter plane company, Cabin Pressure? It's a pretty cult show even over here (the entirety of the audience is people who listen to BBC radio 4 comedy, and die hard Cumberbatch fangirls - and I fall mostly into the first of those two categories, if anyone was interested). More people should know about this show, as John Finnemore's writing is lovingly hilarious, and the cast are all superb. It's also interesting to see (hear) Benedict Cumberbatch as a less self assured character.

The four series have only been broadcast in the UK, but I think they're available on ITunes, and there are lots of clips dotted around youtube. It's well worth a listen.

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