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Because I know you were all sitting on the edges of your seats, wanting to know just what the benedryl was doing to me, just writhing in antici-

I managed to be both jittery and sleepy for a couple of hours and get very little work done, then came home just in time to get the Bots off the bus, forgetting that I was supposed to have a lunch appointment today and had told their grandparents to just go ahead and get them.


Lay down on the sofa to rest a bit and watch 30 Rock and wait for Bots, leaving front door unlocked so they could wander in unimpeded (but remember how their grandparents are picking them up off the bus? Yeah.)

Woke up four hours later after a horrible dream involving the death of the father of some kids I used to care for and the wake was full of GT people (My first GT dream, y'all) expressing sadness and concern for the wife and boys except one person who kept declaring loudly that none of them knew him personally so they should shut up. But I DID know him personally, and was really broken up, but they didn't believe me and kept telling me to shut up about being sad. Also, there was apple pie and I kept trying to get a piece and it kept disappearing off my plate.

So, I guess I'll be up all night now because the four hour, late afternoon nap is not really conducive to getting to bed at a decent hour.

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