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Welcome To The Bitchery

Today before we left, stupid weather no flea market. Anyways we watched some of A.M. Joy on MSNBC before we left.

Joy Reid was discussing Ivanka Trump and how folks believe she is more progressive and a stabilizing force for her father. Really is there any proof of this? Trump obviously still tweets and says stupid stuff with horrble ideas. Also signs noxious Executive Orders.


Lisa Bloom said folks believe this because of the idea of Benevolence of Beauty.

It flashed me back to the late 80s. I was in college. I got hooked on All My Children and One Life To Live.


One day I was in the commuter lounge with my fellow soap watchers. There was a character named Gabrielle Medina On One Life To Live. She was the opposite of benevolence. She was played by Finola Hughes.I posted a picture in case you forgot about her if you watched in the late 80s.

Someone said “I can’t stand her.”

Illustration for article titled Benevolence Of Beauty

I said “I like her”.

A fellow student who I often posted about said “Why?”.

I said “I do”.

She said “She is bad, why would anyone like her.”

I repeated stupidly “I do”.

She responded “You like her because of her looks. Why? She is a skinny thing”.

She then said something that stuck with me “Don’t be like other stupid men, you are smarter then that. Looks means nothing so many men are stupid with beautiful women and its their downfall. See women for who they are not by their looks”.


The one who said “I can’t stand her” said “Good advice don’t be stupid”.

I miss her so much. I wish I recall her name. That advice always stuck. I always knew this intellectually but I never realized it affected my judgement. There are many times I question if looks override my judgement. Then I realize my old college friend would say “think, you are smarter then that”.


Anyways I agree with Lisa Bloom I wonder if her looks aren’t affecting folks judgement. There is an expression Pretty Is As Pretty Does.

Lisa Bloom is an attorney who works with victims of abuse and sex discrimination and harrassment. She is also a regular on AM Joy and other MSNBC shows. In case you wonder who she is.

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