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First off: trigger warning.

S T A L K 1 N G

I’m fine. This isn’t even really about me. But I did read something on the MP last night that really drove the issue home.


And then shit got a little too real...

Let’s take a moment to remember that most people who have a mental illness are not violent or dangerous and are usually only a threat to themselves, if anyone. And b/c we are thinking, compassionate people let’s not confuse the schizophrenia for the person. Although it is possible for already terrible people to also have mental illness. I don’t know if that applies here or not.

This MP post from yesterday.

The “gentleman” in question showed up in the comments (I’m not linking to him, I’m not risking anyone setting him off b/c I sent them there, he’s largely been ignored, thank god). So he’s obviously Googling or getting Alerts on himself or his victims. And then he started replying directly to the subject of the post since she is also commenting in the threads. She seems to be weathering it well but [all of the expletives to the universe and then hugs for her].


I just cannot imagine living with this guy following my every move, sometimes physically. No matter what I was worth or the security I had around me.

To a much lesser extent, I am now kinda sorta on his radar. He started following people on Kinja. Including me*. Why me and just a handful of others? *shrug* His comments are largely... well, they’re not scary so much as... he’s got some theories about some things. And then he maybe, probably** set up a second Kinja and replied to several people, including me (it was not at all threatening).


I just... wow. And frustrating. What a systemic failure and terrifying for all of his victims.

* At this time, I am not actually concerned about my emotional or physical safety and I flagged every comment from those two users so I’m hoping he is soon banned.


** The, uh, “theories” this “second” person is spouting sure do sound like the first guy’s M.O.

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