I was so happy President Obama got him free. Then the republicans started moaning and I ignored it. Yesterday his fellow soldiers spoke about it. Now I am probably jaded from the then Senator Kerry's swift boating by his fellow troops but I am confused. If Bergdahl really did for no good reason leave his observation post and weapons then walked off, he left his group possibly partially unguarded, thats desertion. Six soldiers died trying to find him, if it was desertion my feelings are not good for Bergdahl.

I also think of how many soldiers were POW in Vietnam and WW2, we never as far as I know traded high level detainees for them. Not that those times have any bearings on this case but maybe we should not have traded on a probable deserter. Yet I also feel this is victim blaming, victim for being captured, but the circumstances seem so wrong with him walking off leaving his weapons and leaving his fellow troops partially unguarded. He failed in his responsibility.

So confused. Yet are the fellow soldiers swift boating him? Although except for the "fame" of being interviewed I cannot picture a motive.