Ho.ly. Shit. Listening to my "Strange Fruit" Pandora station and Bessie Smith has come on a few times and I am obsessed and in love and can't wait to listen to everything she ever recorded. So far, all of the songs I've heard of hers are about how bad she loves the D, and it's awesome. The broad is filthy in the best way; I love her.

Anyone who goes on about the music of today being too preoccupied with sex, peep these lyrics (and keep in mind she performed between the 1910s and 30s)...

From Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl

"I need a little sugar in my bowl
I need a little hot dog between my rolls
You gettin' different, I've been told
Move your finger, drop something in my bowl."


But my favorite is Kitchen Man...

Madam Buff's was quite deluxe
Servants by the score
Footmen at each door
Butlers and maids galore

But one day Sam, her kitchen man
Gave in his notice, he's through
She cried, "Oh Sam, don't go
It'll grieve me if you do"

I love his cabbage gravy, his hash
Crazy 'bout his succotash
I can't do without my kitchen man

Wild about his turnip top
Like the way he warms my chop
I can't do without my kitchen man

Anybody else can leave
And I would only laugh
But he means too much to me
And you ain't heard the half

Oh, his jelly roll is so nice and hot
Never fails to touch the spot
I can't do without my kitchen man

His frankfurters are oh so sweet
How I like his sausage meat
I can't do without my kitchen man

Oh, how that boy can open clam
No one else is can touch my ham
I can't do without my kitchen man

When I eat his doughnuts
All I leave is the hole
Any time he wants to
Why, he can use my sugar bowl

Oh, his baloney's really worth a try
Never fails to satisfy
I can't do without my kitchen man