So I finally got to have the party of my dreams! All my best friends could make it. Minor drama, but who cares!

The drama: One friend calls me JUST as the car taking me to the venue saying "Hey, I'm 20 minutes away from your place to get ready with you!" Mind you, I was already dressed, and ready to go. And she hadn't warned me that she was coming over. Ever. After I told her I was already leaving, I get like 10 bitchy texts, and a really weird excuse why she couldn't come. Then another asking if any of my other friends in the area (they had all moved last year) could pick her up. In retrospect, kinda glad she didn't come. She got super drunk at one of my champagne parties and told two of my friends she had slept with about, 20 men in the span of a month...I don't have a problem with that, but everyone was like, "Wut?"

But on to the good stuff! I got to see pals I hadn't seen for years. I got some sweet presents-including a crown! I got hit on by one drunk dude, and my friend did too. Her boyfriend was cracking up.

Same friend bought me a drink and promised we would go clubbing! OMG SHE IS THE BEST! I love her.

All and all, great night. Now I have to go out and buy OJ for a brunch...buuuuuut I may "forget" and just bring champagne. I mean, it's not a proper brunch until someone (me) gets buzzed at 11am!


PS-I did wear the backless dress. Looked hot as fuck.