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Best breakup ever

So I finally decided to break up with this guy I've been seeing and not seeing and posting about all over Groupthink. I texted him last night and made plans to swing by after work.

I woke up this morning feeling super shitty and sick (been battling a cold all last week) and had to cancel on our breakup-date. He asked if he could come over anyways, and because I am weak and horny, I said okay.

When he showed up, turns out that he came over to break up with me over the kids thing (I want them, he doesn't). My first reaction was:


He was way nicer than I would have been. He said all kinds of really sweet things to me, and also asked if we could eventually be friends.

I debated whether or not to tell him that I was originally going to break up with him (It might make him feel less guilty? But on the other hand, no one likes to hear that they're not wanted.), but in the end decided not to. So I got to be the guilt-free wronged party and act like I could take a breakup speech like a champ.

In the end, I'm super bummed out that it didn't work and that he wasn't everything I'd built him up to be in my head. This is probably the first relationship I've had that I didn't fuck up in some way by staying too long or choosing the wrong person, so I'm glad it went so well from beginning to end.

Groupthinkers, you all gave me amazing advice about this dude, so a million thanks for all that too. Guess it's time to climb back on that OkCupid horse?

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