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BEST Celeb Encounter?

The Jez MP got me thinking about my own minimal celeb encounters, most of which are too positive to enter into the current Pissing Contest. So I’m going to try to start this as a feature — whatever the Pissing Contest is, I’ll try to figure out a positive spin on it, and you can post your warm and fuzzy versions here. Not a contest, really, just a lot of sharing fun stories.

Sound fun? Great! Tell me about the best time you encountered a Celeb. I’ll start:


This is Carl Anderson. He’s the original Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar. I had an unfortunate obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber in my early teens. Anyhow, Carl came on tour with the original cast, and my brother and I waited outside the stage door, but most of the cast booked it via some other exit. The fucks.

NOT CARL. He came out humming, bouncing a basketball, with a jaunty bandana on his head. He stopped when he saw us and came right up to me. He said, “You have beautiful hair! Can I...?” Me: “YES.” He reached out and gently bounced one of my red ringlets, then shook his head. “Man, that’s amazing!” I stammered out a thank you and my brother finally asked for autographs, which he cheerily gave us.

He may have kinda killed Jesus, but he made an awkward 12 year old feel pretty for about 5 minutes, for which I’m truly grateful.




Your turn!

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