Feedback/input Requested from Web design-wise and socially graceful GTers!

I finally figured out the gift for the person who is impossible to buy for. My older brother owns his own small contracting business and has never pulled the trigger on a website. I ran the idea by my SIL and she is suuuuper stoked about it, as she's been urging him to, you know, get into this millennium for a while now.

So, I'm no web guru by any means, but I am handy with the ol' Adobe CS and have a marketerinating background. My brother's entire brand needs a revamp/update/not stock VistaPrint graphics. Easy(-ish.)

As for the website itself, well, that's another matter. He doesn't need ecommerce of any kind, it's basically an online brochure/contact form. Indeed, he should not even be allowed to blog, as his personality would show and that could be damaging to the brand. (Just kidding. Okay, not at all kidding. My brother shouldn't be allowed to talk/write/think without supervision.) I've settled on using Wix for their templates and usability. I thought about Wordpress, but it's just too easy for him to screw it up once I get it sorted. At least with Wix, it's primarily drag-and-drop. I'm not married to the idea, but their prices are really good, I like their free templates, and I'm also lazy. If you have other thoughts and ideas on which service to use, please throw them at me!


The other issue is that almost 6 years ago, he asked a friend who had dreams of being a web designer to mock up a site for him. Well, said "friend" wanted $1,000 for the final product sight essentially unseen, and has so far created exactly nothing that a 6 year old with Visual Basic couldn't create (I saw the preview. It's terrifying). The only thing this guy has successfully pulled off is keep up the registration on the domain name... that is the name of my brother's business. Now, the site doesn't have any SEO attached to it that I can detect, and I could just slap the "LLC" part of my brother's business name onto the domain to create a new one. Easy.

I've considered approaching the friend in question and asking him to do a DNS change for the site so that I and/or my brother can be listed registrants of the site, etc. However, this friend is easily butt hurt. Like, lived in his father's house as an adult, dad remarried, wanted to sell the house, guy locked himself in his room for three days. He was 34. I have a feeling that if I approach him about the domain reg, the following may occur:
a) he will tell my brother and ruin the surprise
b) he will freak out
c) he will cause a ruckus the results of which will reverberate through the ages amongst our shared group of friends. (Tangentially important background information: my brother and I, despite a 5 year age difference and diametrically opposing world views, have always hung out together. The friend in question is also the cousin of another close friend in the group, and is therefore present often.)



(D is the correct answer, by the way.)

Anyway, my SIL thinks we might be able to pry the domain away from this person (gently), but I have my doubts. Unfortunately, he'll eventually know I yanked the site creation out from under him one way or another. I am fully aware that legally, he has to perform the DNS change, but really only for my brother as the owner of the company, but then again, I'm sure they only made a handshake deal over it while having beer, so there's that.


Could I execute a repoint without his knowing/permission? Should I even bother?

Should I just use an alternative domain name and SEO the piss out of it?

Seriously, my brain hurts. A lot of it is Dayquil.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!