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Best Christmas movie evah

Really there is just one answer. Alistair Sims in A Christmas Carol. He was and always will be Scrooge. I loved how he progressed from a miser cynic to a man who understood joy. This was a man who was capable of love but slowly then rapidly tossed it away yet during the scene with Ghost of Christmas Present he seemed to regret going to his nephews and had compassion for Tiny Tim when he asked how long he had. The scene with Ghost of Christmas Future is the best ever scene in any of the A Christmas Carol movies, its scary, genuine fear but also a determination to set things right. If you do not fill up with tears when Scrooge picks up Tiny Tim at the end you have no heart.

A Christmas Story is a close second just for the lamp, the tongue on the pole and the scene where he believes he got an A plus on his paper only to have his dreams crushed when his teacher said “you will poke your eye out”.

Guilty pleasure Christmas film for me is Jingle All The Way, very, very mean spirited Christmas tale but very funny.


Its a shame Christmas movies have been taken over by the Hallmark dreck. I despise nay loathe nay whatever word means worse then loathe the:

1 Woman and Man Meet 2 Followed by instant dislike but try to be nice for sake of friends/family members who like both of them 3. Its Christmas 4. A storm, car breaks down etc so forced to cooperate 5 They fall in love because its Christmas to the aaahs of their friends and/or family who knew Christmas would find love in their hearts. I need to barf after writing that.

These three films are all you need for the Holidays.

Yours? Best, 2nd and guilty pleasure.

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