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Best concert(s) you've ever been to?

In addition to loving cycling, science, found things, Bobby, and sexytime, I also LOVE MUSIC and I haven't really talked about it at length on GT.

So here are the top 5 best bands I've seen in concert! Fellow New Yawkers, maybe, just maybe we were at the same show?


1) Radiohead - So I've seen these guys 4 times, but the best show was without a doubt the one at Roseland in September of 2011. I'd previously seen them only in big arenas, so this was a life-altering experience for me! I was pretty close to the stage, too!

2) Pulp: Had the pleasure of seeing Jarvis Cocker grace the stage with his sexiness at Radio City April of 2012. OMFG, my crush on him increased exponentially, leaving me a raging ladyboner...

3) The Antlers: Seen these guys 4 times as well, but by far the best show as at Le Poisson Rouge this past June because it was a small venue, so much more intimate than previous shows. If you haven't heard these guys yet, DO IT!

4) PJ Harvey: Saw her at Terminal WHY (as in "why do so many good bands play here, the acoustics are shit), known to most people as Terminal 5 in April of 2011. Despite the crappy venue, PJ was amazing, as expected.


5) Björk: Saw her at Roseland in February of 2012 and it was surreal beyond belief. This picture pretty much sums up the experience:


What about you guys?

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