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Best Day Ever! (edited with dental update)

I woke up this morning to a sick and grumpy kid, and mother in law who is on day two of a two-week visit, and cat puke all over my work set-up. Oh, and work systems were down and I have to go to an emergency dental appointment because I broke my tooth (I have extreme dental anxiety and I can't take my meds because my ride has to watch my sick kid). But, BUT I have posting privileges! The day can only get better!

Thank you mods, and thank you Groupthink! I love you all <3

I presented my cat in his shark costume yesterday; as a thank you, I shall present Coco (my parent's dog) as a lobster.


ETA: I need a root canal and I have to wait with tooth pain until my boss get back from vacation in two weeks (yup, my aforementioned MIL is my boss). Someone hold me.

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