Last night I had a dream that I was a Starfleet captain with my own ship! I was on the deck of the ship, and my uniform was blue (but I was still captain, you guys), and it was super realistic. I was on the deck from TNG.

The best part was when there was an incoming call to the deck and I was like oh crap, I have to answer that, I'm the captain! What do I say? Here is how I answered it in my dream:

Hello? (awkward pause, say something about who you are)

Starfleet (oh god, say you're supposed to say your ship, not your company!)

[Sadly forgotten name of my starfleet ship ] (now say who you are! manners! always introduce yourself on the phone)

Captain [Real Name] speaking.

So there you are. The good phone manners that were drilled into me hold up through years of technology and evolution. I hope the Ferengi appreciate.