So, I've been struggling with some depression for the past few days, but somehow still have managed to be productive. But still kinda down, and trying to figure it out.

But I just got two great calls from two of my best friends. One is taking me out tonight specifically so I can show off my new shoes (which I wear around the house so I can actually reach my dishes!). She knows/relates to depression, so she said to me that I'll be fine tonight, and she's excited to see me. Ditto to that!

Then, just now, my other best friend called. She's been having a really rough time, but she said, "Look, I'm feeling better now, but it's you I need to hear from. Tell me everything". So after talking about my weird nightmares and lack of sleep, she gave me some perspective and advice. I was so grateful, and it was a relief to hear from someone who knows where I'm at.

Even though I didn't make it to class (but we watch movies on Monday, and I got youtube so I'm good), and even though my weekend was less than I wanted it to be, I feel lighter. Like there's a huge rock taken off my back. I'm also getting a call from my doctor tonight, so she might be able to help me a little more.

But mostly I'm looking forward to going out. I think I need a really, really cold beer, haha!